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R.I.P. conditions
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Our products are unique and limited

Sometimes we cannot always guarantee the stock

As a general criterion, we have the products offered through the online store. In any case, if we do not have the products offered in our stores at that time, we will let you know immediately by e-mail.

What if there's a setback?

If there are occasional setbacks with respect to the availability of the chosen product, we will provide you with the following alternatives: - cancel the product - choose a different one - waiting time for the desired product

If you've been charged...

If we have charged your credit card, you will be refunded the amount owed for this concept, at no cost to you.

Organic products

All the products that we sell with an ecological seal have a guaranteed traceability of compliance with environmental sustainability by different worldwide organizations. Each product has a detailed description of its composition, as well as the seal of the association that verifies its traceability.

Information on shipping costs when purchasing our products, delivery areas, etc.

Do you want to return one of our products? Here's how to do it

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