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Pure Paradise is a non-profit foundation for enviromental conservation



We provide service to the planet and its inhabitants to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, relying on transitional elements towards `` The third industrial revolution ''


Thanks to the digital co-creative nature and a decentralized financial transparency system based on Blockchain technology, we intend to grow efficiently, thus projecting new horizons in environmental awareness and the integration of the collaborative social economy.

2. Sustainable Scholarships

Because together we make a better world. The foundation will also provide grants to projects related to environmental sustainability, permaculture, surfing, new trends of decentralized work through the Internet and lifestyles in small-scale circular communities.

The scholarships will take place in a business Co-Living space in the middle of nature ( Surffarm ), where the scholars will enjoy accommodation, food, sport and advice. The aim is to promote the development of a new technological platform, so necessary to carry out the third industrial revolution and the recovery of rural areas.

Nature is wise and pure, so through our biohomes, organic food and outdoor sports we want to enhance the creative capacity of people and make this space a high performance center for the improvement of our planet.

Pure Paradise acts as the foundation and powerhouse of the RestinParadise environmental conservation platform